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For kids ages 8 to 13

"Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be" by Daniel Loxton, 2010

An award winning kids book about evolution was turned down by several American publishers because it was too controversial, according to the book's more

Why two sexes exist is still unknown (!)

36,000 sexes–but it’s better “deux” by D. Saraga REFLEX April 2011, p. 79-81
“For evolutionary biologists, the existence of males and females is in many ways paradoxical. … The question of differentiation at the individual level still remains. Why do most animals have individuals that are either male or female instead of both?” and “The presence of sexes prevents inbreeding” (???)

Legal battles

EU court bans insurance sex discrimination. By R. Casert, Associated Press, March, 2011

Men More Evolved?

Men More Evolved? Y Chromosome Study Stirs Debate. by SETH BORENSTEIN January 13, 2010

Gender differences

Women-Only Parking Spots
The city of Iksan in Jeollabuk-do (Korea) has created "pink line parking" for women drivers in public parking lots. The "pink lines", painted pink, are 2.5 meters wide rather than the standard 2.3, offering aid to women drivers unskilled at parking.

China shopping centre builds 'car park for women'


Sexual Selection for Cultural displays (G. Miller's model)

Cultural displays (Science)

Men: either very clever or really stupid - Telegraph
Only men can be geniuses... but there are far more stupid men than women - Daily Mail

Does Sex Make a Difference? By L. Bren FDA Consumer magazine Vol. 39, N 4 July-August 2005.

Taking Sex Differences Seriously by S. E. Rhoads

Are Men Smarter Than Women? By M. vos Savant Parade

Are Men Smarter Than Women? By D. Tyree. Andalusia Star News

Remarks at NBER Conference on Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce By L. Summers January 14, 2005

Summers' remarks on women draw fire Boston Globe January 17, 2005

"Are Men Necessary?" By M. Dowd 2005

Single-sex education

The Minds of Boys:  Saving Our Sons from Falling behind in School and Life  by M. Gurian and K. Stevens (Sept., 2005)
Boys and Girls Learn Differently:  A Guide For Teachers and Parents By M. Gurian  with P. Henley and T. Trueman

Safe-sex education

Abstinence Isn’t Enough. Fall issue of Ms. magazine  Oct 2009 p. 16

Abstinence only education did not work July 20 2009

The End of Abstinence-Only  May 07 2009

The gender-based medicine movement

Does Obamacare discriminate against men?
"if you do a search in the health care bill there is not one mention of ‘prostate’
and are over 40 mentions of ‘breast'" [and what should be a politically correct ratio?]

Researchers: Body parts aren't only differences between sexes By L. Tanner

 “Women’s” and “men’s” work

A mother's work is never done, moving in and out of workforce By S. Allman 05/09/04
Do women make better managers? By J. L. Krotz
Sexism Among Spies By Lyric Wallwork Winik Parade Magazine (July 29, 20, 2007)

Other Forms of Sexuality

Homosexuality Wikipedia article

  Tinky Winky is Gay?
In 1999 a Christian evangelical fundamentalist J. Falwell alleged that the character was a "gay role model". He warned parents that Tinky Winky could be a hidden homosexual symbol, because "he is purple, the gay pride color, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle: the gay pride symbol".
'Gay Tinky Winky bad for children' < >
Poland targets 'gay' Teletubbies < >

   Bert and Ernie are Gay?
“Axe This Gay Sesame Pals” Daily Mirror 25 Jan., 1994, p. D9
“Are Bert and Ernie Gay?” The New York Times. 6 Feb., 1994, p. C8
In 1994 Rev. J. Chambers called for the characters to be banned. 

SpongeBob SquarePants supports homosexuality?
Ed Vitagliano (Mississippi-based American Family Association) critisized pro-tolerance music video for kids, featuring scores of their TV heroes ranging from the Muppets to SpongeBob SquarePants: "… [video] reveals that one of the [cultural] differences being celebrated is homosexuality."
Spongebob, Muppets, Sister Sledge writer suffer criticism < >

Heather Has Two Mommies: 10th Anniversary Edition (Alyson Wonderland) By L. Newman
Emma and Meesha My Boy: A Two Mom Story By K. Taylor Considine.

And Tango Makes Three “And Tango Makes Three” By J. Richardson and P. Parnell Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, June 2005
Gay penguin book shakes up Illinois school By J. Suhr, Associated Press
Shiloh parents want book blocked By A. Leventis ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 11/16/2006

Fun stuff

Online sex-education game (London, Ontario)
Ancient Greeks balls it up by D. MacLeod
Boys told no standing to urinate. 'It is a human right not to have to sit down like a girl'
Dinosaurs on the Ark By Lyric Wallwork Winik Parade Magazine (July 29, 20, 2007)

Science, politics, ideology, evolution

Most scientists in this country [US] are Democrats. That's a problem. [Is it?]
A Pew Research Center Poll from July 2009 showed that only around 6 percent of U.S. scientists are Republicans; 55 percent are Democrats, 32 percent are independent,"
Ideological self-rating among scientists: 52% - liberal, 35% - moderate and 9% - conservative.



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