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The Evolutionary Theory of Sex: Hormonal Sex and Homosexuality

“Each of us when separated, having one side only, like a flat fish, is but the indenture of a man, and he is always looking for his other half. Men who are a section of that double nature which was once called Androgynous are lovers of women; … … the women who are a section of the woman do not care for men, but have female attachments; the female companions are of this sort. But they who are a section of the male follow the male, and while they are young, being slices of the original man, they hang about men and embrace them, …”
                                                                                                            Plato “Symposium”

Choice of sexual orientation depends on style, attraction (been kindly disposed towards somebody) and tradition. According to evolutionary theory of sex, male sex is responsible for creation of sexual dimorphism, while female sex — for its elimination. And behaviors directed towards these goals facilitate evolution of the progeny. It’s well-known that sexual dimorphism can determine female choice and preferences. For example females like tall men.

Combination of 6 types of “hormonal sex” gives 15 pairs: 9 hetero- and 6 homo-. Since all of them are vectors of potentials determining the amount and direction of sexual choices and preferences, the differences between voice frequencies allow to compare them (Figure): One can see that homo- pairs does not occupy the last places on the list.

Homosexual relationships are discovered in at least 450 species. It means that we are dealing with natural adaptive phenomenon extreme environmental conditions (disturbance of tertiary sex ratio, high population density, and stress).

Sex been initially purely reproductive phenomenon gradually acquired evolutionary functions and finally became social-cultural phenomenon closely related to creativity.

Homosexuality is not a crime or illness that requires punishment or treatment. Its adaptive regulator of quantity-quality of progeny in extreme environment. All that it requires is understanding and tolerance. It is another binary differentiation: hetero- orientation — conservative subsystem, homo- — operative one. The ratio homo/hetero is closely related to environmental conditions: it is minimal in optimal environment and grows in extreme environment. In humans it becomes a cultural phenomenon. Otherwise it’s hard to explain close relation of homosexuality with sex (M:F ≈ 2:1), left-handedness (L:R ≈ 1.4:1), high education (homo/hetero ≈ 2:1), high percentage of homosexuals amongst notable culture and art workers (“donors” of information), and influence of sex hormones on physical and mental abilities.

To consider the differences caused by sex hormones we shall allocate for simplicity inside of man's and a female on three gradation of "a fractional sex": modal, feminine, and masculine. Since sex hormones define the tone (height) of voice in humans, these forms can be presented as average frequencies of voices (in hertz). For women it is a soprano (340 hz), mezzo-soprano (250 hz) and contralto (160 hz). For men — a tenor (200 hz), baritone (140 hz) and bass (80 hz).

            Hormonal Sex


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