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Evolution books for kids

Grades: 3 to 7  Ages: 8 to 13

"Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be" Daniel Loxton, 2010, 56 pp.

The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True. Dawkins R. 2011, Free Press

Library on evolution and related subjects (a lot of articles and books)

Dawkins R. The Selfish Gene 2006

Dawkins R. The Blind Watchmaker 1987

Dawkins R. The Extended Phenotype 1982

Dawkins R. Climbing Mount Improbable 1996

Dawkins R. River Out of Eden 1996

Dawkins R. Unweaving the rainbow 1998

Dawkins R. A Devil's Chaplain 2004

Dawkins R. The Ancestor's Tale. 2004 pdf  6 MB;  html

Dawkins R. The God Delusion. 2006

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. 2009. (pdf 24 Mb; html 9 Mb)

Why two sexes exist is still unknown (!)

36,000 sexes–but it’s better “deux” by D. Saraga REFLEX April 2011, p. 79-81
“For evolutionary biologists, the existence of males and females is in many ways paradoxical. … The question of differentiation at the individual level still remains. Why do most animals have individuals that are either male or female instead of both?”...

Men More Evolved?

Men More Evolved? Y Chromosome Study Stirs Debate. by SETH BORENSTEIN January 13, 2010

Sex ratio of plants

Environment can influence sex ratio of plants: study
"What's cool about this is we did get results," Dr. Spencer Barrett, a University of Toronto evolutionary biology professor. "It's the first time it's ever been shown that the amount of pollen captured by a female affects its sex ratio."

[New is well-forgotten past? There are at least 6 experimental articles on the subject starting from 1922 and negative feedback theoretical explanation in 1966.]

Cultural displays

Sexual Selection for Cultural displays (G. Miller's model)

Cultural displays (Science)

G. Miller. The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature (2001)


Taking Sex Differences Seriously by S. E. Rhoads

Are Men Smarter Than Women? By M. vos Savant Parade

Are Men Smarter Than Women? By D. Tyree. Andalusia Star News

Remarks at NBER Conference on Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce By L. Summers January 14, 2005

Summers' remarks on women draw fire Boston Globe January 17, 2005

"Are Men Necessary?" By M. Dowd 2005

Single-sex education

The Minds of Boys:  Saving Our Sons from Falling behind in School and Life  by M. Gurian and K. Stevens (Sept., 2005)
Boys and Girls Learn Differently:  A Guide For Teachers and Parents By M. Gurian  with P. Henley and T. Trueman

 “Women’s” and “men’s” work

A mother's work is never done, moving in and out of workforce By S. Allman 05/09/04
Do women make better managers? By J. L. Krotz
Sexism Among Spies By Lyric Wallwork Winik Parade Magazine (July 29, 20, 2007)

Other Forms of Sexuality

Homosexuality Wikipedia article

Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl.


Politics, ideology

Most scientists in this country [US] are Democrats. That's a problem. [Is it?]
A Pew Research Center Poll from July 2009 showed that only around 6 percent of U.S. scientists are Republicans; 55 percent are Democrats, 32 percent are independent,"
Ideological self-rating among scientists: 52% - liberal, 35% - moderate and 9% - conservative.

The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney

Religion, creationism

Marwa Elshakry. Global Darwin: Eastern enchantment. 2009

J. W. Skehan, C. E. Nelson. The creation controversy & the science classroom. 2000.




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