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The War on Terror

After 10 years the war on terror is far from the end. In fact, despite all the efforts the world is not becoming any safer. Contrary, there are some articles indicating that military solutions are inappropriate [1, 2]. These articles analyze short-term effects resulting from capturing or killing a terrorist on his friends, family members, supporters etc. Author’s model [2] predicts rapid increase in number of passive supporters as a result of counter terrorist activities that lead to collateral damages.

Theory of Asymmetry provides insight about what kind of people can be found in 3 groups mentioned in the article (terrorist groups, passive supporters of terrorism and immune subpopulation resistant to any radical influence) and predicts the long-term effects of war and stress on these groups’ dynamics.

Male (M) – female (F) and cis (C) – trans (T) phenotypes are formed by sex hormones.

TEFE                 TEMA               CAFE                CAMA

Hormonal sex gets increased when both hormonal vectors are added (E + E, sort of like “super females”, and A + A – “super males”) and relaxed when they are subtracted (A – E, E - A). As a result the groups TEFE and CAMA are further polarized, and the groups TEMA and CAFE will get closer to each other. Variation within the CAMA group will also increase. According to the theory cis-males group (~8% of all population) has highest phenotypic variation compare to other groups (cis-females and trans-males, with trans-females been the lowest). Outliers of the curve (~0.5% from each side of the curve – ~1 %) are the “groups of risk” (Figure: Black parts of the curve). This outliers form rare phenotypes of all the unique and active personalities in various fields.

Fig. Generalized environmental rule. Birth-rate and variance of phenotypes:

According to the “Ecological rule of sexual differentiation” (The Evolutionary Theory of Sex) in extreme environmental conditions when high mortality of males is observed, the birth rate of boys should increase ("turnover" of males increase). Theory of asymmetry also predicts an increase in left-handers birth rate in all cases of environmental and psychological stress and discomfort: among racial, ethnic hybrids, at high-altitude, seismic, ecologically troubled areas, after earthquakes, wars, genocide, starvation, relocations and other natural and social changes. This combined shift is represented by two black arrows (Figure).

Generalized ecological rule explains the regulation of behavioral dominance. In an optimal environment increases the role of conservative subsystems (females, the right hemisphere, the left hemisphere dominance, and trans-individuals). And in the extreme environment, on the contrary, the operative trends start to prevail (males, the left hemisphere, right hemisphere dominance, and cis-individuals).

Is it possible to destroy the terrorists by war? The principle of "turnover" says: "The higher mortality of left-handed men, the higher will be their birth rate." So, military solutions seem inappropriate from both short- and long-term perspectives.


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More on terrorism[1] S. Galam, A. Mauger “On reducing terrorism power: a hint from physics”. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications.2003, v. 323, p. 695–704.

[2] F. August, P. Blanchard, S. Delitzscher, G. Hiller, T. Krueger “Passive Supporters of Terrorism and Phase Transitions.” 2010.


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